• Things Continue to Be Bad for Ellen, but Why Just Her?

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Awful Design of Pro-Police "Back the Blue" Mural Makes It Comically Impossible to Read

  • Face Masks Might Finally Be Becoming Less of a Pointlessly Partisan Issue

  • How, When and Where to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower

  • Things We Saw Today: The SpaceX Dragon Crew Have Returned Safely to Earth

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大局观:真实世界中的经济学思维(何帆著)pdf,epub,mobi ...:2021-5-20 · 内容简介 · · · · · · 这是一座 经济学 家搭建的 思维 训练营。 何帆 把你关切的问题放到时伋大局中,伍 经济学 的 思维 方法,拆解、辨析、探寻解决方案。 学什么专业?换什么工作?我伊老了应该把房子卖给谁?银行是干什么的?GDP是怎么算出来的?

These tongue-in-cheek “updates” from the staff of the world’s worst idea for a theme park are a delight.

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